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  • @_CGGS
    12 days ago
    Amber Nyhof started her CGGS journey in 2008 as a Prep student, following in the footsteps of her mother, Mandy. In…
  • @_CGGS
    14 days ago
    This year marked the return of Grammarian, Julie Jorritsma to CGGS, not as an interested alumna, but as the Head of…
  • @_CGGS
    19 days ago
    Val Field is the EA to the Head of Junior School. She started working at CGGS in 2003, initially as receptionist be…
  • @_CGGS
    21 days ago
    Lara Ette (1998), is the Founder and Principal Designer at Lara Ette Design & Decoration in Sydney. Her passion is…
  • @_CGGS
    26 days ago
    Amanda Johnson is the Manager of Academic Planning and a Mathematics teacher in the Senior School. In the Grammar R…
  • @_CGGS
    28 days ago
    For many, the familiarity of coming back to CGGS, brings comfort, vivid memories and a sense of belonging. In The…
  • @_CGGS
    1 days ago