Your special invite: the Girls Grammar Red Gums

Returning to your roots

Re-connect with CGGS to share your knowledge, wisdom and experience as a Girls Grammar Red Gum.

Girls Grammar Red Gums, or Red Gums for short, is a new community engagement initiative for CGGS Alumni and former staff that enables you to impact the next generation of Grammarians.

Red Gums are our valued volunteers and helpers—a special group that is given opportunities to reengage with a school close to your heart. We invite you to contribute to the student experience—both big and small—by guiding our youngest learners to become their best selves.

Red Gums are invited to play a pivotal role in assisting in the School’s extended learning program, through activities such as academic support and mentoring, assistance in co-curricular programs and delivery of the School’s inspiring excursion program. Beyond being able to take part and give back to our century-old community, you will also have opportunities to network with other like-minded Alumni, reconnecting and reminiscing on times past through your shared experience.

Contribute to the School’s 100-year legacy of excellence, connection and opportunity, and shape tomorrow’s leaders as a Girls Grammar Red Gum.

Why Red Gums?
Becoming a Red Gum
The Red Gum Grove

Why Red Gums?

The Red Gum symbolises an Alumni’s entire journey with CGGS. The name recognises your wisdom, resilience and the knowledge you have to share, and pays homage to the location of CGGS.

The Red Gum is one of the most common trees growing on Red Hill, and is one of the most iconic trees in Australia. In Indigenous culture, the Red Gum represents past journeys, rich foundations, stability, growth and strength, and the nurturing and health of future generations. Similarly, Alumni will be sharing their knowledge, resources and resilience with CGGS students.

The colloquial saying, ‘returning to your roots’, is acknowledged in Red Gums—by returning to the School as Red Gums, we recognise that Alumni have ‘branched out’ and are ‘returning to their roots’ to guide the next generation of Grammarians.

Trees, particularly Red Gums, are often associated with wisdom—much like our Alumni who will share their wisdom through the initiaitve. Red Gums are biodiversity hotspots, welcoming a variety of flora and fauna to draw from their resources, as our Red Gums will do for CGGS students.

Becoming a Red Gum

Apply to become a Red Gum by submitting the form at the bottom of this page. Your application will be reviewed by our Senior Leadership Team and you will be contacted on your successful submission.

Please note: in order to be considered for the Red Gum program, you must hold a current Working with Vulnerable Peoples card.

Upon approval as a Red Gum, an induction by CGGS staff will be provided, and you will be required to review and accept several School policies, including our Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct.

Now, you are a Red Gum! Our community of Red Gums are included in regular communications and updates regarding ways to take part and opportunities to volunteer through our programs. Opt in as you wish, depending on your time and interests.

The Red Gum Grove

Connect with and find inspiration from our community of Red Gums. As a Red Gum, you will have opportunities to socialise with other members and keep in touch through formal communication channels on social media. You will also receive early access to other Alumni engagements at CGGS, including our Careers Connection Breakfast, Distinguished Speaker Series and more.

For more information on Red Gums, please contact