Chapel of the Annunciation

The Chapel of the Annunciation is our centre of worship, encouragement, learning and faith exploration at CGGS. As a Christian community which upholds the values, traditions and teachings of the Anglican Church, chapel is an essential part of the Canberra Girls Grammar School experience.

Embracing our school values of Inclusion, Courage and Integrity, we promote an inclusive spiritual environment and welcome students from all faith backgrounds to our chapel. We believe that spirituality should be a central part of our students’ lives and we nurture and value exploration of all belief systems, encouraging a deeper understanding of the spiritual self.

Chapel is an integral part of daily life at CGGS. A range of services are held for students, staff and the School community each week, with services often planned and run by students. The School hosts yearly Easter and Christmas services, and offers Grammarians the chance to return to their former school for weddings, baptisms, confirmations and the funerals of loved ones.

The Chapel of the Annunciation building started life in 1972 as the CGGS school gymnasium. Architect Brian Dowling converted it into a chapel and it officially opened as the School’s place of worship in 1988.

The School Prayer
Chapel Services
School Chaplain

The School Prayer

Almighty God

In whom we move and live

And have our being

Make this School as a field

Which the Lord has blessed

That whatsoever things are

True, pure, lovely and of good report

May here forever flourish and abound.

Preserve in it an unblemished name

Enlarge it with wider usefulness

And exalt it in the love

And reverence of all its members

As an instrument of your Glory;

For the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Chapel Services

Chapel worship occurs regularly across our Early Learning Centre, Junior School and Senior School environments. With support from the Chaplain, House Captains, Heads of House and House Tutors, we encourage our students to lead chapel services, creating positive worship experiences for all ages and powerful, life-changing liturgies.

We embrace fun and uplifting chapel services, with music regularly provided by student performers in the Bella Voce Chapel Choir, The Gabriel Singers, Cantantes, Minisingers, and Junior and Senior School instrumentalists.

Our Senior School multi-faith prayer room, located at the back of the Chapel, is open for students of all faiths every morning between 8am and 8.50am, and also during recess and lunch.

You’re always welcome to access the Lady Chapel for personal prayer and reflection at any time.

School Chapel Services

Early Learning Centre

11.30am on Wednesday and Fridays

Junior School

2.15pm on Fridays

Senior School

8.50am – days allocated by house group

School Chaplain

Father Christopher Lewis is the current School Chaplain.

Father Chris, as he likes to be called, arrived at CGGS after a rewarding career in the Royal Australian Navy, where he served in a variety of ships and establishments.

A graduate of St Mark’s National Theological Centre, the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn is Father Chris’ “home” diocese, where he was formed in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and was ordained in 2016.

Father Chris is married to Rebecca and they have four children, Georgina, Benjamin, Annalise, and Beatrice. He loves spending time with his family, and enjoys reading and meditation. A Canberran at heart, he and his family are avid supporters of the Canberra Raiders.

Father Chris’ life was changed by the Gospel and he seeks to journey with others as they each run their own race of faith. Theologically generous, Father Chris seeks to grow the Kingdom of God through peace, love, hope, joy, inclusion, and forgiveness.