Our History

Canberra Girls Grammar School was built on a foundation of determination, resilience and visionary thinking.

In 1926, four women founded Canberra Girls Grammar based on the belief that every young woman should receive an education. These women were Mother Emily Ayckbowm, Sister Phyllis, Sister Hannah and Sister May of the Community of Sisters of the Church.

Driven to see young women flourish in their education, the founders not only built a school, but created a culture of learning and forward-thinking.

In a time when the expectations of women’s education weren’t overly high, this vision was revolutionary to say the least.

The sisters' conviction to open up pathways for women, set the tone for the School. Mother Emily’s fearless leadership, zeal, pioneering spirit and good humour remain an enduring role model for our community.

From those humble beginnings, Canberra Girls Grammar became and continues to be the home of courageous and brave-hearted children and young women.

Students of St Gabriel's School in 1929.

*Banner photo: An aerial view of the School in 1960.