Student News: Term 2 Week 9

The final week of Term 2 has truly encapsulated the spirit of Canberra Girls Grammar School. Our students have excelled academically, creatively, and athletically. As we look forward to a well-deserved break, we celebrate these achievements and look forward to sharing our students' continued success and growth in the coming term.

Ancient Societies

On Monday, Year 7 Humanities students embarked on an enlightening excursion to the National Museum of Australia. This visit complemented their studies on ancient societies, culminating in the creation of a pop-up museum, the "Museum of Ancient Societies." Open to staff, students, and the wider CGGS community, this exhibition was a testament to their curiosity and creativity, exploring how ancient civilisations have shaped our world.

Science models

Year 7 students created models of lunar eclipses, ocean tides, and moon phases in another display of scientific ingenuity. They then taught their peers about these phenomena, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

Design collaboration

On Wednesday, Year 8 Design students visited the Junior School to provide feedback to Year 6 students on their innovative designs. The Year 6 students have been diligently working on a prototype solution to protect endangered species in the ACT. This collaborative effort allowed our Year 8 students to apply their recently honed evaluation skills, fostering a spirit of mentorship and mutual learning.

Questacon Student Training Program

In April, Chloe (Year 12) was chosen to take part in the Questacon Student Training Program. Since May, she has been attending training sessions to improve her science communication skills. Chloe, who is already an enthusiastic Physics and Chemistry student, has gained valuable skills as part of the program. When asked about her experience in the program, she said: "The program has been amazing! I have met many other fantastic students from around Canberra who all share a passion for science. We have been learning about effective science communication and how to engage with people of all ages. We have also been working with Questacon staff to guide school groups through the various exhibits, especially the new Building Breakthroughs in LEGO® Bricks exhibit."

Engineering Bridge Building Competition

Daniella (Year 10) and Ada (Year 10) recently competed in the CIT Construction and Engineering Bridge Building Competition. Their final bridge held an impressive weight of 145kg, and they won the Innovation and Aesthetics Award!

Indigenous ingredients bake-fff

Year 8 students had the opportunity to showcase their culinary creativity in a "Bake-Off" challenge. Students crafted unique biscuit recipes using Indigenous ingredients such as Lemon Myrtle and Wattle Seed. This hands-on experience honed their cooking skills and deepened their appreciation for Indigenous culture and ingredients.

Forensic science mini-unit

Thursday saw our Year 10 students engage in a forensic science mini-unit. With the Australian Federal Police (AFP) providing insights, students linked their classroom learnings to real-world applications. This experience helped some students consider future academic and career paths in science.

Musica Viva

Congratulations to Adelaide (Year 7), a member of the Kingsland Strings, on her recent achievement at the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide and two other members of the ensemble entered a cello trio into the Musica Viva Strike a Chord Competition and won the Junior Prize.

Sporting triumphs

Catherine and Alyse, both in Year 10, will represent the ACT at the Australian Indoor Cricket National Championships in Melbourne this July. Catherine will captain the U18 team, which will showcase its skills against teams from across the country. We wish them the best of luck!

Year 8 student Olivia raced to victory at the NSW Cross Country, securing a silver medal in the U15 Women's Category. Her Bankstown Sports Athletics Club team also clinched gold in the team event.

ACT School Sport selections

Several CGGS students have been selected to represent the ACT at national competitions:

Basketball: Ilaria and Milla (Year 7) for the 12-years team, and Rachel (Year 9) as a 16-year reserve.

Cross Country: Olivia (Year 8), Katelyn (Year 9), Jessica, Alice, Hazel (Year 10), Audrey (Year 11), and Rosie (Year 12).

ACT Netball Junior Championships

Held over the weekend, CGGS students played in the South Canberra Netball Association (SCNA) representative teams. All six SCNA teams made it to the finals, with four playing in the Championship final. Congratulations to our CGGS girls:

13's Division 1 Championship winners: Lucy (Year 8), Grace (Year 7), Maisie (Year 8), Erin (Year 7)

14's Division 1 finalists: Millie (Year 8), Aleia (Year 8)

14's Division 2 Championship runners-up: Lilani (Year 8)

15's Division 1 Championship runners-up: Eleanor (Year 10), Ava (Year 9), Mia (Year 9)

15's Division 2 Championship runners-up: Isabella (Year 9), Ruby (Year 9)

House Athletics Carnival Champions

Our House Athletics Carnival in Week 4 saw remarkable performances and record-breaking feats. Highlights include:

12 Years Age Champion: Ilaria (Year 7) (runner-up: Aarna (Year 7))

13 Years Age Champion: Alexia (Year 7) (runner-up: Swairee (Year 8))

14 Years Age Champion: Olivia (Year 8) (runner-up: Ava (Year 8))

15 Years Age Champion: Rachel (Year 9) (runner-up: Mia (Year 9))

16 Years Age Champion: Siena (Year 10) (runner-up: Charlotte (Year 10))

17 Years Age Champion: Audrey (Year 11) (runner-up: Alexis (Year 11))

18 Years Age Champion: Sophie (Year 12) (runner-up: Frances (Year 12))

Record-Breaking Achievements

Olivia (Year 8):14 yrs 800m (2:22.56 min), 14 yrs 1500m (4:44.36 min)

Charlotte (Year 10): 16 yrs 800m (2:18.77 min)

Robertson House Relay Team: 14 yrs 4 x 100m Relay (55.75 secs)

Special Recognitions

100m Sprint Champion: Siena (Year 10)

1500m Endurance Champion: Olivia (Year 8)

Golden Slipper 100m Sprint Top 10: Siena (Year 10), Scarlett (Year 9), Charlotte (Year 10), Olivia (Year 8), Ava (Year 8), Alice (Year 10), Talei (Year 9), Frankie (Year 12), Grace (Year 8), Lotte (Year 12)

Program Design winner: Nerine (Year 11)

House Chant winner: Burgmann House

Chuck-a-Chook record holder: Sofia (Year 10) with a throw of 36.60m

Overall House Athletics Results

1. Waverley (1184 points)

2. Burgmann (1138 points)

3. Glebe (1050 points)

4. Deakin (1043 points)

5. Robertson (971 points)

6. Kilburn (911 points)