At Canberra Girls Grammar School, we offer a world of opportunity far beyond the classroom.

We believe that young people are able to achieve their best when they push themselves to explore their passions and discover their talents in a supportive, dynamic environment with peers and teachers. Whether it is through performing on stage, competing on the field or gathering with like-minded friends, our sport and co-curricular program has something for every student to enjoy.

Designed to enhance, complement and balance the curriculum, these co-curricular programs encourage participation, teamwork, self-confidence and creativity. The leadership roles assumed by students in many of these activities contribute to academic success and significant personal development.

Participation in a co-curricular activity is not compulsory; however, students are strongly encouraged to undertake a sporting activity, a cultural pursuit, an activity of interest, and a component of service during the year. Through these activities, our students often represent the School in local, regional, national and international competitions and extension activities.

Athletics Carnival
Senior students cheering for their peers at Athletics Carnival