Tara Dunstall

Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School

BA, LLB (Hons), GradDipLegPrac, GradDipEd

Tara joined CGGS in 2008 to teach legal studies after a career as a Senior Solicitor with the Australian Government Solicitor. In her time at CGGS, Tara has also taught business, commerce and geography. After a brief stint teaching business law at the Canberra Institute of Technology and communications at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Tara returned to CGGS and was appointed the Head of the Geography and Social Sciences Faculty in 2012. Tara acted as Director of Curriculum from April 2015 until she was appointed Director of Studies in October 2015.

Nancy Lee

Director (Academic Administration)


Nancy joined CGGS in 2009 as a Mathematics teacher, and has held the position of Head of Mathematics for several years before joining the Senior Management Team. She had an early career as a computer programmer for a major pharmaceutical company and then transitioned to secondary mathematics teaching. Before her arrival at CGGS she spent 10 years teaching Mathematics at a public high school in the USA, taking on the role of IB coordinator and department head. Her academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Penn State University and a Masters of Education from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Joel Copeland

Director (Co-curricular)

MEd (Educational Leadership), BEd (Secondary Music), Ad Dip (Leadership & Management), MACEL

Joel joined CGGS in 2016 as the Dean of Music and lead the establishment of the Music Academy. Prior to this, he was employed at Radford College where he was the Head of Music and Director of Choirs. Joel has experience teaching students from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 12 as well as adult learners in a community setting and in 2021, was certified by the Teacher Quality Institute as a Lead Teacher. Joel is a regular presenter at conferences and workshops around the country and is an accredited Australian Kodály Certificate lecturer. Joel’s experience in leadership and governance extended to his role as a Director of the Radford College Board in 2016.