Holiday Program

The Junior School offers a Holiday Program for students enrolled at the Junior School. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can engage in a range of experiences with their peers and supportive educators.

Our program is formed by children’s needs, interests and ideas. We believe that children will become confident and involved learners through active participation in play. We foster and challenge children’s inquisitive minds by encouraging children to connect with the world, and take supervised risks in their environments.

We aim to provide an effective service based on mutual and respectful relationships. Therefore, we strive to promote open communication between children, families and educators to develop ongoing relationships within our community.

Our Holiday Program operates from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday during school holiday periods and fees for 2023 are $103 per day, per child.

Children attending our Holiday Program must bring their own food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

The program doesn’t operate on public holidays, CGGS pupil-free days, or during the shutdown period over Christmas and New Year. Holiday Program enrolments are accepted on a casual basis only.

For more information about the CGGS JS Holiday Program, email

Junior School Summer Holiday Program 2022-2023

Bookings are $103 per day with prices of Incursions and Excursions included.

Enrolments for this School Holiday Period are limited to students of Canberra Girls Grammar School only due to COVID-19.

Please follow the link below to fill in our excursion permission form. This form is mandatory for children booked to attend any excursions.

Week 1 (7 December to 9 December 2022)
Week 2 (12 December to 16 December 2022)
Week 3 (19 December to 20 December 2022)
Week 4 (16 January to 20 January 2023)
Week 5 (23 January to 27 January 2023)

Week 1 (7 December to 9 December 2022)

Wednesday, 7 December

Kidzplore Indoor Play Centre Visit (Excursion 10:00am- 12:00pm) Unit 7, building 3, 1 Dairy road, Fyshwick Australian Capital Territory 2609

We will head to Canberra’s most exciting indoor play centre. Kidzplore features a multi-levelled rainbow playground of epic proportions, complete with ball pit, swings, balls and slides.

*All children attending must have a signed Excursion permission form*

Thursday, 8 December

Visit from the Reptile Zoo (Incursion)

Peter from the Reptile Zoo will visit us and we will learn all about snakes, lizards, turtles and more! Fun as well as educational, this very personal setting encourages hands-on interaction, and focuses heavily on Australian fauna.

During the afternoon session, children will have the opportunity to use their knowledge of reptiles to participate in creepy crawly art and craft activities.

Friday, 9 December

FootSteps (Incursion)

Dance is a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun! Children will

have the opportunity to participate in an energetic and exciting dance

workshop presented by Footsteps Dance Company. Don’t forget your

dancing shoes!

Week 2 (12 December to 16 December 2022)

Monday, 12 December

Fun with Tie and Dye

We will be breaking out our Tie-dye kits and making a variety of fun and wacky fashion accessories and art. We will provide a white shirt for each child and tie-dye kits. We will also make tie-dye themed art and engage in STEM activities that are totally groovy. Feel free to bring along another piece of white clothing to experiment with tie-dye!

Tuesday,13 December

Amazing Super Race (Incursion)

The Amazing Super Race will have kids racing through a large variety of different activities and challenges to see which team can get to the end first. Over a two hour period the students will race as a team through a mini marathon, hoop shooting, blind fold challenge, water bucket race, soccer striker goal shooting, riddles, balloon blowing, hula hooping, basketball, running races and much, much more!

Wednesday, 14 December

Kids Tennis (Incursion)

Tennis for kids is everything you would expect! Children will learn the basic skills in a fun innovative manner and challenge each other to games.

Thursday, 15 December

Dinosaur Museum Visit (Excursion)

Students will discover one of the biggest permanent collections of interactive dinosaurs in Australia and get up close to the skeletons and fossils during our visit to the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra!

*All children attending must have a signed Excursion permission form*

Friday, 16 December

Disney Dress-up Day (In-Centre)

Children are welcome to come dressed as their favourite Disney or

Superhero character. There will be a variety of Disney themed activities

and games to explore throughout the day. There will also be plenty of

opportunities to dress up and get creative for those who wish to come

dressed as themselves!

Week 3 (19 December to 20 December 2022)

Monday 19 December

Bubble Balls Battle (Incursion)

This program is designed for fun. It involves many battle games in partners and teams for all ages. The children will laugh, run, roll and bounce all while being in a bubble - it’s the ultimate fun.

Tuesday 20 December

Build Your Own Christmas Bear (Incursion)

The children will have fun creating their own teddy bear which they will be able to take home at the end of the day. They will have the opportunity to bring their new furry friend to a lovely picnic with delicious snacks. This will be beary fun!

Week 4 (16 January to 20 January 2023)

Monday, 16 January

Fashion/Talent Show Day

Children will have the opportunity to showcase their talents with a talent and fashion show in the afternoon. Children will spend the morning practising their performance for the talent show or have the opportunity to create their fashion masterpieces to walk the runway. The rest of the day will be filled with other fun craft and outdoor activities!

Tuesday, 17 January

Archery with FitKids (Incursion)

We will be engaged in learning the basics of archery target shooting, participating in competitions and taking aim! Over a two hour period the students will develop confidence and archery skills to last a lifetime.

Wednesday, 18 January

Kids Pantry (Incursion)

The Kids Pantry team will work with our students to create a delicious dessert. Students will follow a recipe and then enjoy their creation.

Thursday, 19 January

The Big Joke (Incursion)

Bestselling children’s author and entertainer, Andy Jones, presents a hilarious musical show about jokes and humour. Using a guitar, drums and fun props, Andy will show children how to deliver a punchline, create a joke, use gross humour and laugh till their sides ache!

Friday, 20 January

Water time Warriors (Incursion)

Children will be involved in water-based games and activities for everyone to get involved in, including the educators! Traditional games, relays, and challenges with a twist. Super Soakers, Nerf Water Play, and Inflatables will make for a day filled with water time fun!

Week 5 (23 January to 27 January 2023)

Monday, 23 January

Skipping Challenge with FitKids (Incursion)

The students will be involved in a large variety of skipping games. There will be many individual, partnered and group challenges involving large ropes and smaller ropes. These skipping games will absolutely get the children active, hearts pumping, brains thinking and bodies aching for more.

Tuesday, 24 January

Masterchef Day

We will return to the kitchen for a day of culinary creations! Children will have the opportunity to explore herb and spice flavour combinations giving them the opportunity to prepare complex recipes and become confident, mini master chefs.

Wednesday, 25 January

Treasure Quest with Fitkids (Incursion)

Unlock the Hidden Clues and be the first to find the treasure. Combining some of the most fun and infectious fitness games available, the program involves a large variety of finding games, solving codes, reading maps and searching for golden tickets all while working as a team to find the golden prize, The Hidden Treasure.

Thursday, 26 January

Public Holiday

No Program.

Friday, 27 January

Pyjama Disco Day

Keep your jammies on when you get out of bed today because it’s PJ party time! What better way to celebrate the end of Holiday Program than in pyjamas. There will be music, glow sticks, party snacks and most importantly, dancing! Don't forget to put on your dancing shoes.