Holiday Program

The Junior School offers a Holiday Program for students enrolled at the Junior School. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can engage in a range of experiences with their peers and supportive educators.

Our program is formed by children’s needs, interests and ideas. We believe that children will become confident and involved learners through active participation in play. We foster and challenge children’s inquisitive minds by encouraging children to connect with the world, and take supervised risks in their environments.

We aim to provide an effective service based on mutual and respectful relationships. Therefore, we strive to promote open communication between children, families and educators to develop ongoing relationships within our community.

Our Holiday Program operates from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday during school holiday periods and fees for 2024 are $120 per day, per child.

Children attending our Holiday Program must bring their own food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

The program doesn’t operate on public holidays, CGGS pupil-free days, or during the shutdown period over Christmas and New Year. Holiday Program enrolments are accepted on a casual basis only.

For more information about the CGGS JS Holiday Program, email

Junior School Winter Holiday Program 2024

Bookings are $120 per day with prices of incursions and excursions included.

Please click on the button below to fill in our excursion permission form. This form is mandatory for children booked to attend any excursions.

Week 1 (1–5 July 2024)
Week 2 (8–12 July 2024)
Week 3 (15–19 July 2024)

Week 1 (1–5 July 2024)

Monday 1 July

Incursion: Canberra Reptile Zoo Incursion

Start time: 11am

Fun as well as educational, this incursion encourages hands-on interaction with reptiles and will foster empathy, kindness and respect for all living beings. Children will learn about the habitants, diets and self-protection mechanism of these fascinating creatures.

Tuesday 2 July

Excursion: Metro Depot and a ride on the Tram

Departure time: 10am

Start time: 10.30am.

In collaboration with Canberra Metro Operations, plans have been put in place to ensure childrens’ safety as we embark on an exciting, educative and fun experience. The excursion will include: a depot tour, looking at safety features on a tram, having a feel of the driver’s cab and ringing the bell and horn. Thereafter we shall board the tram at the Sandford Street Stop for a thirty-minute ride to the city and return to the Sandford Street Stop.

Due to number restrictions by the service provider, we can only take 50 children on this excursion.

Wednesday 3 July

Incursion: Make my Bear Experience

Start time: 10.30am

Stuffed animals have an enduring charm that transcends generations. These cuddly companions provide comfort, ignite imagination, aid emotional expression, and symbolize affection.

This unique creative experience “Make my Bear “is bound to be fun and exciting. Children will get to choose and make their own best furry friend from a selection of bears. (Teddy, Biscuit, Floppy, Giraffe, Cow and Unicorn)

Thursday 4 July

In-centre day: Obstacle Course Challenge

Start time: 10.30am

No matter the age of children, they all have an endless amount of energy. In collaboration with the children, we shall build an age appropriate obstacle course that is guaranteed to generate fun, boost gross motor skills, coordination skills, balancing skills and spatial awareness.

Friday 5 July

In-centre day: Science Day

Start time: 10.30am

Children will be engaged in experiments of making slime and volcanic eruptions. It will be a hands-on experience where children will be introduced to scientific concepts as they learn about how ingredients are combined to create chemical reactions. Children will be encouraged to make predictions and explain their thinking.

Week 2 (8–12 July 2024)

Monday 8 July

Incursion: Bricks Challenge Workshop

Start time: 10.30am

Children will be introduced to basic principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Maths). They will learn to 'think like engineers' by building complex motorised machines using LEGO motors and batteries. This experience will enhance their thinking, creativity, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Tuesday 9 July

In-centre: Tie-Dye-Experience

Start time: 11.30am

Children will learn about resistance and dyes. They learn that the rubber band protects the material underneath it from getting dyed. They also learn that fabric is coloured because of the chemical reaction that takes place between the dye and the cotton shirt. By mixing different colours of dye children will also learn to create new colours and explore the relationship between different hues.

Each child will have a pair of socks that they will take home. Please ensure children are dressed in appropriate clothing.

Wednesday 10 July

Incursion: Zumba

Start Time: 10.30am

Let’s traverse the world with Zumba. A fun way to get children physically active while having fun. Age appropriate choreography combined with popular music make a workout feel like a party. Children will burn calories and improve overall health, coordination and endurance without realising it.

Come dressed in comfortable clothing.

Thursday 11 July

Excursion: National Museum-A Living Culture

Departure Time: 10.30am

Start Time: 11am

A Living Culture is a Museum Educator facilitated program which introduces students to the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culture and life in Australia. Students use a range of objects to help understand Indigenous cultures and how they have evolved and adapted since 1788. Older students will discuss and analyse the two vastly different cultures that collided upon the arrival of Europeans, and the impact this has had on Indigenous Australians.

Friday 12 July

In-centre day: Danish Pastries Baking Experience

Start Time: 10.30am

Are Danish pastries really from Denmark? We shall talk about the history behind Danish pastries, and listen to classical Danish music in the background while we bake yummy flaky Danish pastry with cream and jam.

Through this baking experience we will bring together a little history, a little science, a pinch of creativity, and a whole lot of fun.

Week 3 (15–19 July 2024)

Monday 15 July

Incursion: Karate

Start Time: 10.30am

This incursion aims to teach children how to recognise potential threats, assess their surroundings, and make informed decisions about personal safety. In addition to physical fitness, children will also learn self-defence, self-discipline, focus, and respect, boosting their confidence.

Tuesday 16 July

Excursion: Kidzplore

Departure Time: 10am

Start Time: 10.30am

Kidzplore is a wonderland of play and one of the children’s favourite excursion destinations. The venue will be privately hired; children will run, jump, climb, play in ball pits, slide to their heart's content and explore the captivating attractions. Children are guaranteed to have lots of fun!

Please ensure children are dressed in comfortable clothing.

Wednesday 17 July

In-centre day: Creative Art Experience

Start Time: 10.30am

Creative arts are an essential component for a child's overall development as they are a powerful catalyst for nurturing creativity and imagination. During this experience, children will create a mosaic and sculpt using modelling clay. Children will take their beautiful creations home.

Please make sure that children are dressed in appropriate clothing.

Thursday 18 July

In-centre day: Scavenger Hunt

Start Time: 10.30am

A fun way to encourage leadership, communication, and interaction, as children read the clues and make decisions on where to look. Children will put into practice their sequencing, organising and problem-solving skills. All wrapped up in the thrill of a game.

Friday 19 July

In-centre day: The Ultimate Pizza Making Experience

Start Time: 10.30am

From selecting toppings to arranging them on the pizza, children will be empowered to express their creativity and make food choices; they will learn to trust their instincts and enjoy the freedom to experiment. This sense of accomplishment will boost their confidence and nurture their culinary skills.