The Student Journey

From the moment our students step onto one of our campuses, they become part of the CGGS family and commence their student journey.

Many of our students start as bright-eyed three-year-olds in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) and continue their educational discovery until graduating as strong, articulate, curious young women, ready for the next stage in their path. CGGS provides this seamless trajectory, in which our students transition between the ELC, the junior primary years and the senior years supported by a whole-school approach to learning, pastoral care and co-curricular offerings.

From our youngest students in the ELC right through to the graduating Year 12 girls, we foster curiosity and a love of learning. Our students are engaged in their own development journey through challenge, reflection, and ownership. They are able to follow their own path and explore the world they wish to create for themselves. It is a great joy to witness our young people find their passions, as the skilled and dedicated teachers of CGGS lead them through their learning.

No matter how long or short your journey with us is, we will be with you every step of the way.