School Shop

The School Shop is located on the lower level of the Administration Hub Building at the Senior School campus (48 Melbourne Avenue, Deakin).

The Canberra Girls Grammar School uniform can only be purchased from the School Shop. The shop offers both new and high-quality second-hand uniforms, including items for specific sports requirements. We stock an extensive range of sizes, and items such as school backpacks, socks, winter tights and hair accessories are also available from the School Shop.

We highly recommend new students and families schedule an appointment for a sizing/fitting. Fittings for the full school uniform can take up to 45 minutes to be fitted for the full school uniform.

For your convenience, you can also order online via Flexischools.

Please note that the School Shop is no longer accepting cash payments.

Opening Hours

Monday 8.15am–2pm
Tuesday 8.15am–2pm
Thursday 12–5.30pm

We highly recommend all children who require a fitting schedule an appointment.

Term 2 School Holidays opening hours

Friday 19 July 12–5.30pm
Saturday 20 July 10am–5.30pm

We recommend scheduling School Shop appointments during the school holidays.

The School Shop will be open for appointments from 10am–1pm. Following this, the community is welcome to visit the Shop from 2–5pm.

ELC uniform and prices
Junior School uniform and prices
Senior School uniform and prices

ELC uniform and prices

ELC polar fleece

Crested polo shirt (green, navy)$49
Crested polo long-sleeve shirt (green, navy)$50
School shorts (red, navy)$37
School fleece track pants (navy)$43
Crested striped wool rugby jumper$115
Green school bag (ELC medium)$85
Book bag (green)$7

All children attending the ELC will be required to wear clothing from the list above. Additional mandatory items include:

  • Predominately white or black velcro fastened runners. No other footwear is permitted.
  • White or navy short ankle socks
  • A small to medium school backpack (large bags will not fit in the ELC lockers)
  • Navy hair accessories (if applicable)
  • Navy gloves, scarf and beanie

Junior School uniform and prices

Junior School blazer


School jumper: green$115
Summer dress$110
White short-sleeved summer blouse (red trim—to be worn with skort)$74
Formal summer skort (Kindergarten–Year 6)$90
Formal navy short$59
Boys striped short-sleeve shirt$54.50
Boys green summer shorts$83
Winter tartan pinafore$142
Navy trousers (sizes 3–14)$83
White winter blouse$55
Boys winter tartan tie$23
Green school bag (chiropak) medium crest$138
Green school bag medium crest$96
Green school bag (lower primary)$85
Book bag (green, red)$7
Art smock (lower primary)$52

Junior School PE

Crested sports polo$64
Girls red sport shorts$37
Boys navy sports shorts$37
Kindergarten–Year 6 House poloshirt$39
Reversible house bucket hat$25
Junior School house swim cap$18
Years 3–6 girls swimsuit$85
Boys swimming trunks$44
Years 3–6 crested tracksuit jacket$105
Years 3–6 tracksuit pants$64
Years 3–6 crested cotton rugby jumper$95
Kindergarten–Year 2 navy fleece track pants$43
Kindergarten–Year 2 crested striped wool rugby jumper$115
Kindergarten–Year 2 crested navy polar fleece jacket$71
Hockey and soccer socks$20
Sports hav-a-sack (navy)$32
Junior House Badge$6
CGG School sport socks$10
Netball dress$100

Senior School uniform and prices

Years 7–10

Senior School blazer$240
School green jumper$115
Summer dress$110
White short-sleeve blouse with red trim$77
Formal navy short$59
Navy long pants$88
Tartan skirt$175
Long-sleeve winter blouse$55
Green school bag (chiropak) medium crest$138
Green school bag medium crest$96
Winter coat$100

Years 11–12

School blazer

School navy jumper$115
White short-sleeve blouse with red trim$77
Green summer skirt$130
Formal navy short$59
White long-sleeve blouse with red trim$63
Tartan skirt$175
Winter coat$100
Senior Council short-sleeve over blouse$67
3 pkt navy socks$14

Senior School Years 7–12 PE

Crested sports polo shirt$64
Red school sports shorts$37
Crested tracksuit jacket$110
Tracksuit pants$75
Crested cotton rugby jumper$95
Senior House polo shirt$59
Senior School sports cap$23
Senior House swim cap$18
School swimsuit$95
CGGS sports socks$10
Senior House Badge$6
Netball dress$100
Hockey skort$35
Hockey and soccer socks$20
Hockey singlet$55
776BC performance zootie$158
Rowing zoot—training$45
Sports canvas bag (black)$46


Crested navy straw hat$85
3 pkt navy socks$14
Green school bag (chiropak) medium crest$138
Green school bag medium crest$96
Sports canvas bag (black)$46
Sports hav-a-sack (navy)$32
Green school bag (lower primary)$85
Book bag (red, green)$7
School pencil case$11
Descant recorder$15
Navy scrunchie$5
Pony bow—satin (navy)$12
Double bow (navy) 2 pack$10
CGGS tartan scrunchie$6
Hair elastics (navy) snag-free, 4 pack$4
Hair accessory zip pack (navy)$7.5
Pony bow—holly green (performance only)$12
Curly ribbon scrunchie—holly green (performance only)$10
Navy gloves (one size fits all)$10
Polar fleece navy beanie (child)$20
Polar fleece navy beanie (adult)$20
Navy scarf$10
Navy tights—unigate$21
Navy tights—columbine$20
Scientific calculator (Years 7–8)$23

For more information, contact us at; (02) 6202 6486.