Dance Company

The Dance Company is a co-curricular dance program catering to all ages and abilities, from beginners to the elite, developing a diverse range of dance skills and techniques for performance.

Dance encourages young people to be creative risk takers who feel motivated and challenged in a supportive environment. The language of movement enables students to communicate meaning about themselves and the world they live in. Our Dance Company is a platform for social and emotional growth as we aim for students to develop self-expression, confidence and a sense of belonging.

Classes on offer include:

Junior School
Senior School

Junior School

  • Prep Ballet
  • Years 1-2 Ballet
  • Years 1-2 Jazz
  • Years 3-4 Contemporary
  • Years 3-4 Jazz
  • Years 5-6 Jazz
  • Years 5-6 Performance Group

Senior School

  • Years 7-10 Hip Hop
  • Years 7-9 Contemporary Performance Group
  • Dance Festival for AusDance ACT's Youth Dance Festival, available to all year levels.
  • Student Assistant Teaching

For more information about this program and opportunities for your child, please contact Maree Cronin on (02) 6120 3390 or by