Peter McDonald

Head of Junior School and ELC
MEd, GradCertEd (Maths), GradCertBusAdmin, BEd, MACEL

Peter is an experienced primary educator and university lecturer who holds four university qualifications in the areas of education, mathematics, and business. With a firm commitment to international mindedness and delivering outstanding student learning, he has held various school leadership positions both in Australia and internationally. As a published academic focusing on teacher development and inquiry-based learning, he has presented at conferences in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. A member of the global International Baccalaureate Educator Network, Peter supports IB schools throughout Asia and the Pacific as an IB workshop leader and programme leader. As a specialist mathematics teacher, Peter holds a keen interest in supporting students to develop a passion for learning, using, and enjoying mathematics.

Prue Sheargold

Deputy Head of Junior School
BEd, Dip Ed, MACEL

Prue has over 25 years’ experience as an educator, working in a variety of school settings with diverse communities. Prue is passionate about wellbeing, positive education and the importance of creating teaching and learning environments that enable both students and teachers to be healthy, happy and engaged. Her energy and relationship-building skills have been instrumental in developing a collegial and professional environment in the Junior School. Prue has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the Australian Catholic University and a Master in Educational Leadership from Monash University.

Kate Columbine

Director of Early Learning Centre
BECE (Honours), BSCH (Psychology)

Kate has extensive experience in early childhood education, both as a classroom teacher and in leadership positions. Kate’s passion is in supporting children and families as they step outside of their family nucleus and into the larger school community. Creating and early childhood setting that is welcoming, supportive and stimulating is central to this transition. Kate is a passionate PYP educator and revels in exploring inquiry-based learning experiences with children and educators. As an IB Workshop Leader, she also embraces opportunities to collaborate with the wider PYP Early Years community.

Alex Galland

Director of Learning and Innovation (Junior School)

Alex has degrees from the University of Sydney and the University of Southern Queensland. As a member of the International Baccalaureate Education Network, Alex is an IB workshop leader and programme leader. She has extensive experience in both primary and secondary settings, including a variety of leadership positions. Alex is passionate about working with teachers to ensure a rigorous, engaging and inquiry-based curriculum. She has a particular interest in the authentic integration of technology, and has presented at many national and international conferences.

Tara Bourne

Director of Junior School (Student Care & Experience)

BEd, MEd

Tara is an experienced primary school teacher who is passionate about nurturing the holistic development of students. With a depth of experience implementing, researching, and leading school based positive education and positive psychology programs, Tara is committed to ensuring all students feel supported as they learn the skills and dispositions that enable them to flourish. Tara’s Master of Education dissertation focussed on the correlation between pastoral care practices and mathematical achievement. She has extensive experience teaching both early years and upper primary, curating a strong sense of belonging within the school community.

Jillian Shaw

Head of Academic Engagement Junior School

MEd (Gifted Education), BEd, Dip Ed, GDip Arts, COGE

A highly experienced educator, Jillian has been a dedicated member of the Junior School teaching staff since 2003. With a passion for educating students with diverse learning needs, Jillian has implemented programs and systems of support for students with disabilities, learning difficulties, gifted students and twice exceptional students. Jillian has a Certificate of Gifted Education and a Master of Education specialising in Gifted Education from the University of New South Wales, and has presented at several conferences on topics related to gifted education and high potential learners. Passionate in her belief that all learners deserve an advocate, Jillian is committed to using research-based best practice to inform programming accommodations for students, including a suite of services designed to engage and challenge gifted students.

Jillian has received several awards in education, including Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) ACT Excellence in Leadership Award, the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) and the ASG Inspirational Teacher State and Territory Award.