Year 10 work experience

Recently over 90 Year 10 students were out in the community completing work experience placements. Students organised their own placements in a wide range of areas including health, law, education, architecture, sport, music and technology. In 10ASPIRE classes this week students reflected and shared their experiences:

  • One student learned to repair and restring guitars.
  • Another shadowed a senior member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, listening to hearings and learning about the legal system from associates behind the scenes.
  • One student worked with nurses at ACT Health in the outpatient clinic and gained valuable insight into the different aspects of the role of a nurse in the hospital setting.
  • Another had a placement with the Melbourne Rebels, which gave her a close look at the top positions in professional sport and see firsthand the importance of teamwork.

Students valued experience and had the opportunity to try new things, gain a broader approach to the nature of work, and consider different working environments. Mostly, they enjoyed the informal discussions over tea, the welcoming nature of their colleagues and feeling grown up.

The response from business has also been very positive:

She has been very helpful, shown initiative, joined in on conversations, provided feedback and her opinions when asked, and pointed out where things could be improved.
She was by far and away the best work experience student we have ever had—she was a breath of fresh air and the team loved having her. It wasn’t a case of trying to fill her day, she genuinely helped on a number of projects and was given a presentation to research and prepare and nailed it.
She is a gifted person with an uncommon level of maturity and judgement. She was very keen to do any work offered to her which included an amount of administrative work. She made the most of every opportunity to ask questions about work and approaches.

Thank you to all the Year 10 students who participated in the work experience program, and the businesses and teachers who supported them!