Working together

At CGGS, we acknowledge that parents are vital partners in the education of our young boys, girls and young women. To support this partnership and develop it further, we launched our Parent Partnership Series this year, which is a series of expert talks to support our parents in their quest through parenthood. We know that this is possibly the most challenging and rewarding role you have held in your life, and that there is no guidebook — each child is individual and will have different experiences. The experts we engage for this series have been carefully selected for their practical strategies and ability to relate to parents of children and young people of all ages.

Our school staff are an important part of the partnership in every child's education, and their independent development in our school. We recruit experienced staff who are experts in their field, and who care deeply for the success of our students — whether that be through exceptional academic results, achieving their personal best in the classroom or on the sports field, or strengthening their love of music and other areas of passion. There will be times during the school year when things may become stressful, or perhaps your child is experiencing difficulties. It is important that the relationship between home and school be positive and respectful.

As your child moves through their schooling years at CGGS, we encourage the development of independence and responsibility, where they begin advocating for themselves and talking with relevant staff members to support their learning. Along the way, we welcome conversations with parents to support their child, and we will help guide you through the appropriate process of who to contact for each matter. In the Junior School, we recommend parents begin with their child’s classroom teacher, and in the Senior School begin with your child’s pastoral care teacher. Respectful conversations via email, telephone and in person are expected and valued, and form a necessary part of your child’s academic life.

This week, I enjoyed interviewing several Year 10 students regarding their senior study choices and career aspirations. Our students are so articulate and thoughtful in the pathways they are creating for themselves, and the diversity of their career choices is striking. I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to talk with our students and get a peek into their thoughts for their future. It was also a pleasure to witness a group of Year 6 students work with one of our most treasured Grammarians, Margaret Cornwell OAM, on tending to various garden beds on the Grey Street campus. This group of green thumbs are planting daffodils, camellias and other flowering plants that will be stunning in spring.

Congratulations also to the various orchestras who performed at the concert last Friday night, with a particular mention to the Friends of Music volunteers who worked on the stalls in frigid conditions. Finally, the second annual Dance Academy concert was held last night, bringing smiles to the faces of the assembled crowd. The passion and energy of our aspiring dancers was contagious. Bravo to you all.

Enjoy the long weekend and the final weeks of term.

Ms Julie Jorritsma
Acting Principal