Student News: Term 1 Week 8 2024

At the Australian National Rowing Championships, the CGGS Senior Girls 1st team finished with a silver medal in the Senior Girls 4x+, an incredible achievement for our students on the national stage. CGGS also placed fourth in the U19 4x, sixth in the U17 4x+, eighth in the U17 8+ and the Senior Girls 2nd team finished 16th in the Senior Girls 4x+. Due to their outstanding results, CGGS finished fifth overall in the point score.

CGGS students saw plenty of success in the pool this past week. At the ASC Swimming Carnival, CGGS won the girls overall points score, with several students progressing to the School Sport ACT Carnival in Term 2. While competing at the IGSA Swimming Carnival, 11 students made the finals with Chloe (Y12) finishing with two silver medals, Cady (Y9) placing fourth and Frankie (Y12, Swim Captain) placing fifth.

Myrah (Y4) was invited to Parliament House yesterday to meet with The Honourable Jason Clare MP, Minister for Education and Ms Alicia Payne MP to present a paper titled A Better Future for All: Education for First Nations and Disadvantaged Kids. Following the presentation Myrah gave the ministers a painting which she had made during the School holidays. Myrah has made several canvasses for an exhibition she plans on hosting, with all proceeds from the exhibition going towards charities that support education for First Nations and disadvantaged children.

Recently the CGGS Equestrian Team gathered at Equestrian Park for a social get-together. Students completed arena work and explored the cross-country course with their horses. The team finished with a picnic where they had the opportunity to connect with each other and their families.

As part of their inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves, Year 2 students learnt about how systems aid inclusion and belonging. Students engaged with braille, morse code, blindfolds and were visited by guest speakers to hear about how people with vision impairments learn.