Rising Star award for Tara Bourne

An exceptional CGGS staff member was acknowledged as one of the best teachers in Australia this week.

Tara Bourne, the Director of Student Care and Experience at the Junior School, was recognised by The Educator Australia as a Rising Star in 2024. The award is presented to the best young teachers across the nation, who distinguish themselves through their commitment, passion and teaching philosophy that allow their students to thrive.

Tara is a confident and caring primary school teacher who values a nurturing, holistic approach to education. With deep experience in implementing, researching and leading school-based positive education and psychology programs, Tara’s methodology ensures all students feel supported as they learn the skills and dispositions that enable them to flourish.

Aside from her outstanding abilities as an educator, Tara is a valued member of our community who builds positive connections with students and parents alike. She brings a hope-filled, infectious energy with her to work each day that permeates across the staff room.

We are incredibly privileged to have a teacher of Tara’s calibre on our Junior School team. Congratulations, Tara!

You can view the full list of Rising Stars here.