Return to your roots: Girls Grammar Red Gums

Calling all Canberra-based CGGS Alumni and former staff!

Re-connect with CGGS to share your knowledge, wisdom and experience as a Girls Grammar Red Gum.

Girls Grammar Red Gums, or Red Gums for short, is a new community engagement initiative for CGGS Alumni and former staff that enables you to impact the next generation of Grammarians.

Red Gums are our valued volunteers and helpers—a special group that is given opportunities to reengage with a school close to your heart. We invite you to contribute to the student experience—both big and small—by guiding our youngest learners to become their best selves.

Depending on time, availability and interest, Red Gums will play a pivotal role in assisting in the School’s extended learning program, through activities such as academic support and mentoring, assistance in co-curricular programs and delivery of the School’s inspiring excursion program. Beyond being able to take part and give back to our century-old community, you will also have opportunities to network with other like-minded Alumni, reconnecting and reminiscing on times past through your shared experience.

Contribute to the School’s 100-year legacy of excellence, connection and opportunity, and shape tomorrow’s leaders as a Girls Grammar Red Gum.