Remembering the fallen

Each year at CGGS we commemorate Anzac Day in both the Junior and Senior Schools. An annual event that provides us with the opportunity to guide our young Australians in recognising and understanding the sacrifices of our servicemen and women who helped to shape our country’s history. In my address at the Senior School Anzac assembly, I spoke about the team effort that was needed in Australian war efforts. From the men on the frontline, to the women on the home front, the medical staff who supported them on the field, to the animals that provided transport and other essential services like carrying messages discreetly, or giving much needed comfort in times of distress. Rarely can an individual do everything alone, rather, we need the help and support of others to enact change, for support, guidance, comfort or direction.

As the new term begins, our students are once again presented with a fresh start and an opportunity to consider their role in the CGGS team, their family and their community. They have the chance to consider their academic direction and what they need to achieve in order to meet their own goals, and what they need to do in order to create opportunities for themselves and others in their life. This was reflected by our guest speaker, Brigadier Ana Duncan AM CSC, whose powerful message about the social contract we have as individuals in society, one where thinking of others is more important than simply thinking of oneself, was reflective of the Anzac spirit and her own lifelong commitment to service in the Australian Defence Force.

This new term presents the opportunity for students to refresh and possibly reset thinking, to explore new ways of learning through the collective brain, where supporting classmates means greater levels of learning, increased collaboration skills and the possibility to explore alternative ways of thinking. A new term gives us time to consider where and how each of our students can offer their service to someone else, through small steps towards a collective impact.

Lest We Forget.

Ms Julie Jorritsma
Acting Principal