Making a splash!

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the reimagined sports events of the Junior and Senior schools. Watching our Year 3 to 6 students swimming their hearts out in the pool, and their sheer joy of participating in competition was wonderful to see. In the small pool, the novelty events were joyful demonstrations of teamwork and participation. Riding pool noodles like ponies and a variety of other events kept everyone entertained.

Out at the AIS, our competitive senior students ran, jumped and threw as they endeavoured to record their best effort across several events. Congratulations to our Year 12 Co-Sports Captain, Inemami, who took out another Golden Slipper victory. Back on the Senior School campus, all Year 7 to 12 students participated in fun activities and events, competing for their House and winning points for the House competition.

While all of these activities are essential for the physical health of our students, it also gave me time to pause and reflect on the adaptability of our students. Despite the significant changes over the past two years, children and young people have become adept at agility, and are able to adjust quickly to the situations they are faced with. These are skills that will no doubt be an essential part of the emerging workforce that our students will graduate into.

Our sports events are so enjoyable because of the vast amount of work that goes into their preparation. It is important for me to acknowledge the work of the CGGS staff who are committed to our students. A very big thank you to Ms Jenny Hall and her PE team in the Senior School for the Senior School Athletics Carnival, and to Ms Jenny Vuillemot for the work that went into rostering and staffing two simultaneous events. Thank you to Mrs Louise Burrows, Mrs Cherrylee Kuypers and Mr Aidan Barnett in the Junior School for their considerable work in staging the Junior School Swimming Carnival. And to all staff involved in timing, supervision, House spirit-raising and making the day a success, thank you.

Nora, Year 8, thoughts on the Senior School Athletics Fun Day

“It was a great day to be outside in the fresh air and I enjoyed trying my best and working together with my tutor group to participate in all the fun events! I particularly enjoyed the egg and spoon race relay even though I dropped the egg a couple of times! It was great to see everyone participating in the House chants and showing lots of House spirit!”

Student thoughts on the Junior School Swimming Day

Frankie, Year 4

“The best thing about the Swimming Carnival was hearing my friends cheer me on, which gave me confidence to keep trying. I had a lot of fun, especially when everyone got in the water and we got to throw the beach ball around in the pool.”

Noah, Year 3

“I loved my friends cheering me on, and being in the Gilmore relay team was really exciting”.

Imogen, Year 4

“The Swimming Carnival was fun. I liked cheering for my House and seeing my friends swim. The novelty games were so fun, particularly racing with noodles and kickboards.”

Emilia, Year 6

“The swimming carnival felt amazing because we held it at our school pool. Even though it was different it had the same excitement and thrill. Go Bates!”

Ms Julie Jorritsma
Acting Principal