It’s not goodbye, but see you soon

It is not often in life that you return as an adult to the school that educated you and helped to shape you into the person you are today. Returning to CGGS as a leader and educator was indeed a "no-brainer" for me when the opportunity arose. I have had many moments of deja-vu while walking the campus of my youth, particularly on the day the Grammarian staff members dressed up in our school uniforms faithfully carrying Burrawi as our Book Week choice.

What has struck me the most during my time at CGGS has been the enduring spirit of a Girls Grammar girl. The courage, tenacity, independence and vitality of the young women on the Senior School campus has been sustained throughout history. The energy, joy, innocence and curiosity of the children on the Junior School campus also remains and is a flashback to my early days. This spirit amongst all ages has been the defining feature of my time at CGGS. Although faced with some of the most challenging times in my career over the past three years with the bushfires, the pandemic and the tragic passing of a student amongst other things, the spirit of our students has been the beacon rising from the haze. CGGS is a diverse and incredible school. The students who grace these halls every day are as unique as they are intelligent, oozing potential and ability.

This week in the Senior School assembly I spoke to the students about making themselves proud. About looking to the future and building themselves a life of independence and choice, because they have been given the best foundation to do so. I hope that in some small way I have been able to make an impact on the lives of the girls, children and young women who follow my path as a fellow Grammarian, a woman and an educator. I wish Canberra Girls Grammar School students, staff, and community all the very best for the future. It is very bright indeed.

Farewell CGGS.

Ms Julie Jorritsma
Acting Principal