Forming good study habits

As I write this I cannot believe we are already at the end of Week 5 — that is, more than halfway through Term 2.

Our Year 7 to 10 students are heading into a busy assessment period, and our Year 11 and 12 BSSS students will be completing their semester assessments in Week 7. For all our students currently in the lead-up to these assessments, I urge them to set aside regular device- and distraction-free time to revise and study. The earlier years in the Senior School are where these good study habits are formed, making the transition into Years 11 and 12 much easier. As parents, you can help them by providing a quiet space. Please also note that our Library is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm every weekday during the school term, and also during the first week of term breaks from 9.00am to 3.00pm for Years 11 and 12. To help our students prepare, Ms Steph Kindon has written a very comprehensive guide to study in an article below. Please have a look for some ideas to help your young person manage the demands of their assessments.

Friendship groups come and go — that is the nature of being an adolescent. From many years of experience, I know that young people can write and post things on social media that are very hurtful to others, often not realising the impact of their words. Being on the receiving end of such messages is very difficult to manage as an adult, but it can be devastating as an adolescent where it is of the highest importance to be liked. Our Pastoral Care team works with students on managing these feelings and helping them find a way forward. Resilience plays an important role in future happiness and success.

We have found that access to a mobile phone without restrictions is a major factor in online bullying. Almost all of the nasty and inappropriate messages we see have been written after dark, and at a time where the young person is alone. Some of these messages are very damaging and can leave a mark long after the author has forgotten about the exchange. One action you might consider is asking your daughter to hand over their phone at night. The value of a device-free night’s sleep cannot be underestimated in the well-being of adolescents.

As part of my role I find myself calling parents more than I would like, to alert them to inappropriate content online. Sadly, what is posted stays posted. Please consider having a conversation with your daughter about the consequences of social media. Anything they post should be suitable for you as a parent to see. We educate and warn students of the dangers of life online, but ask your support in this.

On a positive note, last week saw the Senior Council netball fixture with Marist College. The lunchtime event was a huge success, with the official (and suspiciously inaccurate) score favouring CGGS 18 – 17. The boys were superb ambassadors for their school, and everyone had a wonderful time. Mr Ebert, our Year 13+ "student" complimented our team wonderfully and scored a number of very impressive goals.

Have a wonderful and safe fortnight.

Ms Joanna Leaman
Acting Deputy Principal (Head of Senior School)


CGGS v Marist netball game