Duke of Edinburgh students win Gold

Congratulations to Arya (Y12) and Serina (Y12) who received Gold Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) awards from the Governor General recently.

The DoE program is a globally recognised initiative that encourages young people to challenge themselves, develop new skills, and contribute to their communities. DoE was founded by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and encompasses four key areas: skills development, physical fitness, volunteering, and adventurous journeys.

Achieving the Gold level is the highest and most prestigious accomplishment within the DoE framework. To attain the Gold Award, participants must demonstrate exceptional commitment, perseverance, and leadership. It involves a challenging residential project, showcasing an individual's ability to overcome obstacles, work in a team, and make a positive impact on society.

Attaining the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a testament to an individual's dedication to personal growth, community service, and the pursuit of adventure, reflecting qualities that extend far beyond the confines of the program itself.