Celebrating excellence

At Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) we empower our students to follow their passions and strive for success.

CGGS students are offered a diverse range of co-curricular activities, which include music, sports, dance, drama and debating. Our co-curricular program prepares our students to represent the School at local, regional, national and international competitions, and often excel in these pursuits.

There are plenty of opportunities for our students to challenge themselves and develop their skills in academic activities outside of the classroom. Students at CGGS have successfully competed in competitions such as the Da Vinici Decathlon, the Tournament of Minds and the International Physicists Tournament, to name a few. CGGS students have also received recognition through awards such as the UNSW Maths Prize, and have been selected to participate in different workshops such as the National Youth Science Forum or Young Change Agents.

We are proud to celebrate our students' success. We recognise the hard work, dedication and resilience that comes with significant achievement, and we ensure that every student has the opportunity to experience success by providing a holistic education and an exceptional pastoral care program.

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