Students with Disabilities

Students with an identified disability have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) developed in collaboration with an advisory teacher, parents, classroom teachers and the student herself. Generally, these students receive extensive long term support, with additional assistance from the Academic Engagement team.

An ILP is a form of contract between the student, teachers and parents. It sets long term goals and short term objectives for the student and is realistic, achievable, measurable and age appropriate. The student is provided with opportunities to engage in learning in all curriculum areas.

In order to realise positive learning outcomes, it is essential that students: 

  • are involved in the development of personal learning goals, as initiators of learning experiences
  • accept responsibility for a role in the learning process
  • work independently and cooperatively in a variety of settings
  • have access to an extensive range of information technologies; and
  • are stimulated and challenged within a supportive environment. 

In addition to supporting students, the Academic Engagement team assists teachers in meeting the expected outcomes of the student's ILP.