Gifted and Talented Students

Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) seeks to nurture the different gifts that all students bring to our community and to encourage each student to fulfil her academic and personal potential in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. 

Giftedness and talent may occur in many different areas including the creative arts, academic subjects, sporting endeavours, social justice and leadership undertakings. We recognize that because of their gifts and talents some students have special needs. These special needs may require provisions beyond those readily available in the regular school setting. 

In the Senior School, a balanced set of identification procedures is in place and includes informal methods of data collection as well as recognition of more formal indicators of student achievement and potential. 

In the classroom, identified students receive an education that takes into account their special needs as learners. Individual support is provided for those identified students who are experiencing difficulties in reaching their academic potential. 

CGGS uses a variety of ongoing identification methods to nurture Gifted and Talented students and their abilities along the learning continuum to meet them at their point of need and support them in developing their gifts and talents. To achieve this, CGGS offers a suite of educational interventions ranging from quality differentiated teaching practices within the classroom, the opportunity to compete in a number of external completions and a number of highly individualised structural interventions.