Ad Astra

CGGS has always sought to prepare our students to be leaders in a future that they co-create, whilst maintaining our academic rigour and strong pastoral focus. Ad Astra, our suite of signature programs in the Senior School, enable our students to gain the skills necessary for success in academic pursuits and future employment. The 21st Century will require our students to not only have deep knowledge of their chosen field or speciality, but a range of interdisciplinary skills that will assist them adapt what they know and can do to new and emerging contexts1.  With a focus on high-quality Project-Based Learning, our research-based Ad Astra signature programs provide a pathway for such skills to be learnt, developed and demonstrated.

In the Senior School, we offer four comprehensive signature programs:

Young Women with Courage - our fortnightly program for Year 7 students seeks to develop their sense of identity of themselves as a learner in the CGGS Senior School. This program provides practical and foundational skills for high school success through a series of workshops exploring the skills of: Critical Thinking, Research, Self-Management, Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Planning and Reflection. 

Young Women who Dare - our fortnightly program for Year 8 students focuses on empowerment and making a difference in our CGGS community.  Building on the skills developed in Year 7, students will use their own passions to develop a project which will be of benefit to the school community through a series of guided workshops which will gradually allow students greater autonomy over their projects.

Young Women as Changemakers - our immersion program for Year 9 students includes collaboration with community and industry mentors to develop social enterprises that create positive change in the Canberra community.  Working in teams and taking into account their own passions and interests, students investigate possibilities for making a difference in the local community. The value of their design solutions are ultimately evaluated by members of the community.

Young Women who Aspire - our holistic program for Year 10 students encompasses Careers, the Senior Secondary transition program, the Aspire personal project, and Work Experience. As a regular timetabled class, students are supported by their classroom teachers to navigate and prepare for a future of their own design. 

For more information about any of our Senior School signature programs, please direct all enquiries to the Ad Astra Coordinator, Mrs Stephanie Spiller,  02 6202 6400 or email



1 Foundation for Young Australians (2018), The New Work Reality, FYA, Melbourne. ; OECD (2019), Trends Shaping Education 2019, OECD Publishing, Paris.; World Economic Forum (2015), New Vision for Education: Unlocking the Potential of Technology, World Economic Forum, Geneva.