Dance Company

Introducing the CGGS Dance Company

The Dance Company is co-curricular dance that caters to all ages and abilities, from beginners to the elite, developing a diverse range of dance skills and techniques for performance.

What is it?

Launching in Term 1 2021, the Dance Company at Canberra Girls Grammar School provides dance tuition for currently enrolled CGGS students that offers opportunities to create, perform and understand movement. Dance lessons foster kinaesthetic learning where students develop style specific skills and technique, flexibility, strength and conditioning in preparation for community performances. Styles offered include:

  • Jazz - an energetic and theatrical style of movement that focuses on articulation and musicality in the body
  • Contemporary - an expressive style of dance that utilises floorwork, contractions and improvisation

All dance classes will be held in the dance studio (Studio 3) of the Drama Centre at the Senior School Campus, equipped with Tarkett flooring, mirrors and barre. 

Why get involved?

Dance encourages young people to be creative risk takers who feel motivated and challenged in a supportive environment. The language of movement enables students to communicate meaning about themselves and the world they live in. Our Dance Company is a platform for social and emotional growth as we aim for students to develop self-expression, confidence and a sense of belonging. 

What’s on offer?

Junior School
  • Prep-Year 1 Combined Jazz and Contemporary Tuition
  • Year 2-3 Jazz Tuition
  • Year 2-3 Contemporary Tuition
  • Year 5-6 Dance Company - audition only group
Senior School
  • Year 7-8 Dance Company - audition only group
  • Year 7-8 Jazz Tuition
  • Senior Dance Company - audition only group

Audition details

Auditions for 2021 have now closed.

For more information about this program and opportunities for your child, please contact Maree Cronin on 02 6120 3390 or by email: