Year 2 Billy Cart Showcase

Posted 4 June 2021 12:37pm

If you ventured down to the Undercroft on Tuesday afternoons during Term 2 you would have been in for a big surprise. Drilling, sawing, hammering, measuring…the students were working collaboratively with their mentors to build the billy cart they had designed, selecting the best ideas from their individual plans the students came up with their final brief. Under the International Baccalaureate transdisciplinary theme, How the World Works, Year 2 students have been inquiring into types of forces, how objects move and choosing materials for designed solutions.  They bought this knowledge to their group mentor who supported the students with gathering the materials and sharing their skills with using the tools.

As the weeks progressed the billy carts started to take shape, out came the spray paint and finalising the aesthetics of the build. The culmination of the project was the inaugural Billy Cart Showcase. This was an opportunity for proud students and mentors to present their billy carts, speak about their design features, the process followed and finally, demonstrate a test run down the track.  

One team, comprised of Eleanor, Philip, Isabella and Mateo said: “We all learnt something new, like how to connect axles with wheels, how to hammer, how to use a wrench and how to work together. The best part of the build was working together in a team and becoming risk-takers.”

Another team, which included Jessica, Noah, Sienna and Ryan said: “We are incredibly proud of everything that we have learnt from this build, especially how to use a drill, spray paint and new skills of collaboration.”

Throughout the afternoon, parents made silent auction bids for the billy carts with all proceeds going to our sister school in Kenya, Alimo Academy.

This wonderful project would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated mentors and teachers. Everyone was enriched from this learning experience. 

Mrs Prue Sheargold
Director (Junior School)

Photo above: Proud family members gather at the Junior School to watch the inaugural Billy Cart Showcase, June 2021.

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