Wrapping up the present

Posted 3 December 2021 8:55am

There have been a lot of really significant moments over the past two weeks for so many in our community. Our Year 12 students, of course, have graduated and now stand proudly as the newest Grammarians, following in the footsteps of those that came before them to make their mark upon the world. Similarly, our Year 6 students have their own transition this morning, farewelling their Junior years of schooling and turning their optimism, hope and joy towards the excitement of high school.

It’s the same for all students, really, as they transition from one milestone to the next, although I dare say for the wonderful young people in our care, there’s a much greater focus on the celebration of the ‘now’, and the happiness of summer holidays, than thinking too far ahead to next year. And that’s how it should be.

As adults, we undergo our own transitions as we watch the young people around us progress through life. As a school, we know we’ll miss our Year 12 parents just as much as we’ll miss the girls, and as a community, we’ll miss our departing staff, including our Principal, Mrs Anna Owen, very much.

Intellectually we know this is the season of transition. We’re busy - working, organising family, preparing for the Festive Season, contemplating travel plans, even though in many ways, it feels like the season of endings. We know the world turns and we have our eyes focused on the future. It’s our job to be prepared.

But there’s a very powerful lesson our boys and girls are showing us, right now, if we’re prepared to learn it. And it’s evidenced in their end of year joy – a joy I know we can all recall. They remind us to be wrapped up in the present, to value the moment of ‘now’, and to savour every precious moment. May yours be full of peace and joy, happiness and safe travels, until we meet again.


Ms Ellena Papas

Executive Director (Operations)