World Scholars are heading to Yale

Posted 12 September 2019 10:00am

Competing in a round with over 2,000 scholars (from more than 30 countries), there’s no doubt our recent adventure in the realm of World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) has been a daunting one.

As a whole, the WSC is a competition that will introduce scholars to lifelong friends, educate its participants on a broad range of subjects and give them incredible and memorable experiences to last them a lifetime. Teams of three learn how to write essays, debate and study a vast curriculum in order to accurately complete a multiple-choice challenge. Whether it be about technological advancements for the disabled, pieces of writing by a diverse range of writers or flat out conspiracy theories, the knowledge gained is useful for everyday life. The addition of outlandish trivia nights make World Scholar's Cup very memorable.

And even if that could possibly sound boring to you, there’s a barrage of other events that make WSC just as fun as it is academically challenging. Watching, or even participating in the Scholar’s Show is always bound to be interesting, and other shows such as the Debate Showcase can have you questioning your own judgement and piquing your curiosity. Don’t even get us started on the opening and closing ceremonies! The Global Rounds, which 18 of our own students recently returned from (with amazing results) only amplify the fun even further, with scavenger hunts and even cruises to satisfy any excited scholar’s needs.

Speaking of the Global Rounds, we went phenomenally in the rankings, with 86 medals and 13 trophies altogether. Two of our five teams in the Junior Division were able to make it to the top 10 teams overall (placing 4th and 10th), while all our teams were able to qualify for the Tournament of Champions in Yale!

The CGGS World Scholars Cup team loved every aspect of the experience, especially the alpacas and medals.

Here are some statistics relating to CGGS’s recent performance at the WSC Global Round 2019 held in Sydney:

  • Silver team medals - 6
  • Gold team medals - 8
  • Team trophies - 4
  • Individual silver medals -33
  • Individual gold medals -39
  • Individual trophies -9
  • Overall 10th and 4th in Juniors
  • Overall Top Ten results:
  • 1st place x4
  • 2nd place x2
  • 3rd place x3
  • 4th place x1
  • 7th place x1
  • 8th place x1
  • 9th place x1
  • 10th place x1

 Written by WSC participants Serina Guo (Year 8) and Jana Ang (Year 9).

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