Work hard, play hard, then take time to rest

Posted 18 June 2021 10:30am

We are certainly living a full life at CGGS. From academic extension activities such as da Vinci Decathlons or Legislative Assembly debating; to physical challenges such as the ACT Cross Country Championships or our inaugural Dance Academy concert; be it a choral recital or pop performance, an exeat weekend, a soccer match, or the Pre-Prep student-led conference; it is fair to say CGGS students across the School have packed a lot into Term 2. And that’s the way it should be!

In a school full of so much opportunity, it’s very important as we approach the holiday period to take time to reflect on the attitudes and approaches we’ve brought to each of our activities, and what we can learn about ourselves from this. Have we brought our best effort and intention to all we have undertaken? Have we organised ourselves well? Have we set ourselves goals, and how have we measured up to our own expectation? Just as we remember that learning isn’t and shouldn’t always be ‘fun’, can we reflect that we’ve approached the individual challenges faced this term with courage? And can we remember that while it’s wonderful to work hard during term time, it’s also just as important to take some time to rest during the holidays.

We wish our students undertaking holiday activities, be it a holiday program, the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, the Australian Sailing Championships or additional IB Study, all the very best in these endeavours. For our community more broadly; be happy and safe as you travel these holidays. Return safely and well rested to us for a wonderful Term 3.

Ellena Papas
Executive Director (Operations)