Tokyo-bound – Introducing Renae Domaschenz

Posted 21 May 2021 11:54am

Earlier this year, Dr Renae Domaschenz joined the CGGS team as the Sports and Activities Manager. In order to let our community get to know a little bit more about this extraordinary woman, we asked her a few questions and let her fill us in on the co-curricular landscape of Term 2.

What did you do before joining the CGGS team?

Since returning from the UK, I have been focused around science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) leadership and scientific discovery as a research fellow at the Australian National University as well as working in creating engagement, growth and developing projects and programs within high performance sport at the ACT Academy of Sport and Rowing ACT. I continue to represent Australia on the world stage as an athlete and coach of Paralympian and current world champion Kathryn Ross.

You’re a Doctor – tell us a little bit more about that.

I became quite obsessed as a student about how we can discover new medicines to cure disease. It seemed extraordinary to me that we could alter the body’s faulty switches with drugs and have a huge impact on human life. So I pursued a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK with my passion on the dual attraction of scientific curiosity and a desire to cure disease – especially cancer which has taken family and friends.

You’re going to the Olympics! When and what for? What are you most excited about?

I’ll be headed to the Paralympic games in August with the Australian Rowing team as coxswain of the PR3 mixed coxed four. The games won’t be your normal Olympics amid delays and a global pandemic. However, being one of many elite athletes that have shared the challenges and uncertainties we’ve faced on our journey so far I am excited to go and to fulfil a dream of representing Australia in the green and gold.

When you’re not a work, what could we find you doing?

If I am not out on the lake I am training for triathlon or discovering new adventures such as platform diving! Indoors though I have a passion for investing in our potential generations. Mentoring is powerful. By being an ambassador for Women in STEMM Australia and Women in High Performance Sport allows me to inspire other young women and help to provide them with greater tools and resources that will best serve their goals and dreams.

Beach, city or mountains? And why?

Not all cities are concrete jungles! Picture this…Get up early and walk to the beach for a morning swim. Head home and get ready for work feeling like a million dollars. After work drive in the opposite direction, into the mountains for a walk along the ridgeline that overlooks the sea. Sounds too good to be true though right! Barcelona, Spain or Cape Town, South Africa!

Term 2 – Co-curricular Sports and Activities

We are off to a good start with our Term 2 co-curricular sports and activities with some great results so far. Our U18 Hockey team is currently undefeated while U16 CGGS Red Basketball team is top of the ladder. Our U16 and U19 Soccer teams have completed pre-season and are ready to start the main draw. We are still looking for a few U16 Soccer and U19 Basketball enthusiasts – so get in touch!

We have 11 CGGS senior Netball teams who have battled the recent rains and cold weather in great spirits with solid results all around. Our Dance Academy is working hard for their upcoming performance and the Newspaper Club is close to producing their first edition!

The Racing Sailing Team is back on the lake training for Nationals in July and we look forward to our ASC Cross Country team competing at Stromlo Forest Park on Friday, 28 May. Overall, it’s been a good start to winter season and many great things to come!