The Night of Living History

Posted 27 June 2019 3:37pm

The Night of Living History was a huge project in which all Year 10 History students played a part. The process was extensive but at the end of the night, we were all proud of the product we were able to produce. Our task was simple and had barely any restrictions. We were to investigate the historical context, background, achievements and contributions to society of a significant historical leader and produce a display that accurately reflected them.

Once we had chosen a leader in whom we were interested, we developed personal success criteria, and narrowed down our broad research focus into a few specific inquiry questions. It was challenging to formulate such questions as we all discovered so many different opinions and information surrounding the lives of our chosen leader.

After a lengthy research process, we began the challenging task of summarising our findings into eye-catching displays that would engage our audience. We all chose different and unique ways to present our information from costumes and videos, to museum displays and hand-made artifacts. Our project had to be continuously adapted, right up until the night of the presentation as we overcame barriers and forged our ideas into the best display possible.

This process, while it may have been challenging at times, was highly rewarding and we were all able to learn a lot. We developed so many skills such as research and source location, as we analysed and interpreted our research to learn about the qualities of a good leader and what experiences shaped the leader into the person they became. With such a quantity of information available we all had to decide what was relevant to our project and determine the best way to present all this information with which we were bombarded. We analysed the challenges the leaders faced, personally and due to the events occurring at that time, to better understand the extent of the impact.

Through the project we also learnt a lot about the nature of our world. We discovered the impact that the leader had on people, both locally and globally, and how their actions were able to shape the world in which we live today.

Overall, the Night of Living History was a valuable experience, and the sense of pride and satisfaction that came from producing such projects was something we all found rewarding. We had the opportunity to showcase our learning journey and the effort we had put in throughout Term 1 and 2 by producing sophisticated, creative and interesting projects. The skills we developed during this project are invaluable.

To finish, thank you to Ms Dwyer and Ms Loan for guiding us through the project and providing us with such an opportunity. 

Bethany Egan, Grace Kefford and Selena Wiesel
Year 10 History Students

Photo above: Crowds gathering at the Night of Living History exhibition.

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