The line of women we come from

Posted 7 May 2021 12:49pm

It was a happy moment yesterday at the Junior School Athletics Carnival, as I watched the intense excitement that was the Junior and Senior tug-of-war competition. Little hands, lined up along the length of rope, gripping tight and pulling with all their might, working together with their team and giggling with pure joy - all for the glory of House points. It was wonderful to see, and for some reason the image made me reflect on how each of us – like each little hand – plays our part in the long line of history that is our School. Founders Day celebrations cemented this.

Consider our Olympians: Dimity Douglas (1988), Gemma Dashwood (1995), Katherine Calder (1998), and Zoe Buckman (2006) for example. Each in her own right an outstanding individual, but together a shining line reflecting determination and perseverance to inspire our athletes of today. Who knows, perhaps our 2021 Sprint Queen, Inemami Ajulo (Year 11) will one day follow in their footsteps? She recently broke four records at the House Athletics Carnival in the 17 years 100m, 200m, 400m and Triple Jump – her own ‘little hands’ one the line of her blossoming Athletics career.

Consider our Musicians: Charlotte Burbrook de Vere (2000), Freya Franzen (2003), Erika Simons (2003), Niki Johnson (2014), Sophie Rainbow (2016), to name but a few. Will students Ella Borgo (Year 12) and Maddie Nelson (Year 10), the most recent of our students to be awarded their Associate Diplomas in Music (AMusA) continue this line of courage and passion through their own musical careers? Regardless, they have already made their mark on our line of wonderful musicians.

Whether is it Year 11 students Bella Mun and Lauren Goldie who recently represented CGGS and Australia at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, the CGGS Sailing Team qualifying for Nationals with the Umpire’s Award for ‘Best and Fairest’, or all those little hands tugging with impeccable sportsmanship at the Junior School Athletics Carnival, we should all take a moment to reflect on the incredible line of women – and men – we come from, and consider the legacy each of us will in our turn, contribute.

Ms Ellena Papas
Executive Director (Operations)