Thank you teachers

Posted 3 November 2021 3:11pm

There has been a lot of coverage in the news recently about the ‘Great Resignation’ that is reportedly looming in Australia in 2022, following the trends seen in the USA as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These articles are reporting that many staff are reassessing their jobs and prioritising self and family care above their jobs. There is burnout happening across many sectors, as staff have adjusted to working on-site, working from home and a hybrid model of both throughout this time. As educators of young people, we know that our students have also experienced similar adjustments during this time and have continued to show resilience in the face of changing and unknown circumstances. In welcoming students back to campus this week and last week, I could see some nervous eyes peeking out above masks as our girls ventured back together for the first time in months. For some students it was like experiencing the first day of the school year all over again.

During our period of remote learning and the return to campus, the constant in the lives of our young people as they navigated these considerable changes has been their classroom teachers, their pastoral care teacher and their Head of House. Our teachers moved seamlessly to a remote learning platform that allowed our students to continue to learn, reflect and grow. Girls were offered opportunities to continue their singing, dancing, debating and as many activities as possible during this time. Parents drove them to the campus to click and collect resources, library books and musical instruments to ensure that every girl was well equipped to pursue her learning goals for the year.

Personally, I consider my role as a teacher to be a privilege to share, and have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people. To bear witness to the growth and maturation of a young person, to share the frustration and then joy of solving a troublesome problem or equation, to inspire them to think beyond the everyday and to hear them speak with such passion is why we do what we do. On Friday 29 October, CGGS joined schools around Australia to mark World Teachers' Day and celebrate the commitment our staff make every day to the young people entrusted to our care. Students created small notes of gratitude for their teachers, and we provided a small token of our immense appreciation with a coffee voucher and customised cupcake. Thank you teachers for all that you do, for the care you show for each student, and the commitment to the academic and social growth of every girl at CGGS. Three cheers for you!


Ms Julie Jorritsma

Deputy Principal (Head of Senior School)

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