Student achievements

Posted 19 February 2021 11:25am

Neva Thomas (Year 2) has published her first story book ‘The Mouse and the Squirrel’.

She started to work on the story in Year 1 and was inspired to complete the beautiful and simple story during the summer holidays. Keen to see it in physical form, her proud dad illustrated the book and had it published earlier this year.

Neva aspires to become a children’s book author in the future (she’s already there!) and she is enjoying all the fabulous opportunities at CGGS for extensive read and storytelling.

The book is available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle editions.

Congratulations to our Debating and Public Speaking Vice Captain, Bella Mun (Year 11) who was selected for the ACT Debating team and competed in a national competition, the National Schools Debating Championships (NSDC), during the summer break.

The strength of her individual results in the competition resulted in her being selected to represent Australia on the Australia A (Development) National Debating team.

She also had the opportunity to compete in a modified Australasian competition and her team finished in third place.