Sport - striking the balance between participation and performance

Posted 22 April 2021 3:00pm

There is something incredibly exciting about entering into a new role in any organisation, and that has certainly been our experience as we’ve commenced at CGGS this term. In addition to being swept up in the energy and enthusiasm that the return of students has brought, there’s the opportunity to look at our Sports offering with fresh eyes, and take a moment to appreciate the wonderful depth and breadth of activities on offer.

Like many other areas of the School’s co-curricular program, our Sports philosophy is two-fold: encompassing a balance between participation and performance to maximise the offering for our students. Evidence-based research has shown time and again the myriad benefits of engaging in physical activity to support general health and fitness as well as mental health and well-being. As such, we offer RunFit, SwimFit, strength and conditioning, Bootcamp and other non-competitive activities for girls to develop their strength, fitness and agility.

Competing for CGGS enables students to strive to ever greater levels of physical performance as both a member of a School team and as an individual at both ASC and State competitions, as well aspiring individually as an athlete to compete at State and National level competition. From rowing to netball, tennis to touch football, there’s opportunity for all students to achieve, to develop grit and persistence, courage and respect for self and others. Further, engaging in our co-curricular sport program provides the opportunity to explore how this emerging generation can influence change in society around women in elite sport, perceptions of healthy body image, and gender equality.

We have a number of Term 2 events to highlight for your information:

  • School Sport ACT Swimming Championships - Weeks 2 and 3
  • Junior School Athletics Carnival – Week 3
  • ASC Cross Country – Week 6
  • ACT Cross Country Championships - Week 9
  • Snow Sports - Week 9
  • Local Term 2 Winter Sport fixtures

Good communication is something we value highly at CGGS, and as such we’d like to keep you up to date with the information that relates specifically to your children and their sporting commitments. We encourage all sports families to download the TeamApp. This platform is designed to support news, events, teams and scores (among other things) and will become our primary communication tool and source of truth for all Sport. Links for your child’s team/s will be contained in the initial information letter when they sign on for a sport. Please use this as a reference, and don’t hesitate to contact the Teacher in Charge of your sport should you have any queries.

We thank the community for the incredibly warm welcome we’ve received, and look forward to meeting you. Please do come and say hello when you see us out and about!

Ms Ellena Papas, Executive Director (Operations)
Dr Renae Domaschenz, (Sports and Activities Manager)