Seniors experience UC's Anatomy & Physiology laboratory

Posted 18 June 2021 10:30am

During the course of Term 2, students of Exercise Science have been studying Functional Anatomy & Physiology. This unit investigates the structure and function of the muscular system with specific focus on planes of movement, joint actions, human motion and movement analysis.

As part of our coursework, we had the opportunity to visit the University of Canberra's School of Health Sciences Anatomy Resource Laboratory on Thursday, 27 May. The purpose of this excursion was to provide students with the opportunity to participate in an anatomy and physiology laboratory session using full-sized muscular models, joint models, interactive anatomical platforms and view museum specimens.

It was also a unique opportunity to view specimens taken from human cadavers. The girls enjoyed this real world experience and had a taste of what first year university anatomy and physiology might feel like. We hope to continue our association with the University of Canberra in the future.

Jenny Hall
Head of HPE Faculty

Photo at top: Front row (L-R) Miss Hall, Maddie McGinness, Helene Ellwood, Sophie Martin
Second row: Georgia Gathercole, Zoe McLachlan, Addie Curlewis, Abbey-Mae Byles, Sally Hibbert, Emma Hackett.
Back row: Zoe Rosin, Emma Croker, Pip Nicoll, Marisa Herden, Suzannah Dalhstrom (UC Exercise Science internship at CGGS), Grace Bowen, Lucy Hincksman, Adela Russell, Megan Lamb, Claire Herbert, Aimee Hall.
Absent: Angel Maljkovic