Prep F express themselves with Beethoven

Posted 18 June 2020 2:54pm

Prep F are currently inquiring into How We Express Ourselves and looking at the different ways people express their ideas and feelings.

As part of this inquiry, we looked at a video ABC Classic FM created to publicise their Best of Beethoven Weekend. The video was a hit with the Dragonflies (AKA Prep F) and they were inspired to have a try at making their own video.

After much discussion, we decided to use Ode to Joy by Beethoven and many ideas about how we would express ourselves were devised. The Prep students used the iPads to film each other expressing themselves in a wide variety of ways including using puppets, conducting, building towers, dancing and movement.

The next challenge was to convert this into a video. We called upon the expertise of the Senior School technology department and Mr Matt Broadbent helped us find the appropriate software. Amelia Farrell (Year 10) then was able to edit the Prep student’s videos and create the finished product. It truly has been a whole school effort and the Prep F Dragonflies are delighted with their finished product!

Bethany Farrell
Prep Teacher