Popular event brings Junior School community together

Posted 19 February 2021 10:30am

The start of a new school year brings with it a spirit of hope and optimism. Of course, a new school year brings with it new shoes, uniforms, lunchboxes, and books, but more importantly however, a new school year delivers an air of endless opportunities and limitless possibilities. A new school year gifts students, teachers, and parents with an infectious enthusiasm and whirl of feverish excitement, and in the Junior School in 2021 there is an overwhelming sense that the year ahead will be nothing less than great.

Each year in the Junior School we choose to celebrate and harness the new year’s energy, intentionally providing opportunities for our families to share their hopes and dreams for each child at our personalised Insights parent-teacher conversations before school begins. These sharing sessions allow us to better understand each of our students from the year’s outset, ensuring not moment of learning is wasted.

In the second week of the term, we invite all our families and students to our Welcome Breakfasts in the Junior School gardens. These stunning displays of community are again another celebration of optimism and hope. We deeply value our community and our families, knowing that we are all here for one singular reason – to provide the best opportunities for our most important people – your children, our students – and beginning the year surrounded by the buzz of conversation in the in the gardens faithfully sets the tone for our community to grow.

Our Welcome Breakfasts are designed to bring our unique part of Canberra Girls Grammar together, with a plethora of delicious breakfast treats, milkshakes kindly mixed by our generous Parents and Friends Association, live music from our talented Music Academy students, and the parental favourite - the well-stocked coffee caravan.

The energy and enthusiasm of our students, their parents and our staff are the embodiment of our Canberra Girls Grammar values. This opportunity to come together and to share breakfast, laughter and hopefulness enables us all at the Junior School to collectively contemplate the exciting new possibilities for the academic year, to share our commitment to the future and to nourish the relationships essential for the successful year ahead.

Peter McDonald
Deputy Head of Junior School

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