Orchestras Concert

Posted 4 June 2021 12:44pm

On a crisp, late-autumn evening, all the CGGS orchestras came together for an evening of wonderful music at the annual Orchestras Concert. Each string orchestra, the Glanville-Hicks Symphony orchestra and the Williams Guitar Ensemble all performed with diverse and interesting repertoire.

The concert ranged from opera to Celtic, ABBA to classical, showcasing the students’ range of abilities and the broad range of musical offerings. 

The final item on the program was a real hoot. Titled, Crime Scene Investigation by Katy Abbott, the Glanville-Hicks and Sutherland string players came together with Emma Corcoran on percussion and the Gabriel Singers and Bella Voce choirs. Saskia Meir was the narrator and this piece depicted a murder in the orchestra and traced a series of clues until the murderer was caught. Thank goodness we had Mr Joel Copeland and Mr Stephen Rabe dressed in their SWAT gear manning the doors and Ms Julie Jorritsma as the officer in charge arriving at the end to handcuff the culprit!

It really was a fantastic night and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Looking forward to the next one!

Rowan Harvey-Martin
Head of Orchestras

Photo above: Music Academy performers at the Orchestras Concert, May 2021.

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