Posted 21 October 2016 2:51pm

Mia Hodges (Year 12) and Cassidy Whitehouse (Year 10) represented Canberra Girls Grammar School at the Murama Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Summit on 16-17 October.

The Murama Gathering brought together Indigenous youth from all states and territories, and aimed to empower participants to lead their schools and communities towards deeper cultural understanding.

A highlight of the Gathering was the facilitation of a student-centred education event in which the young men and women mentored approximately 250 local Sydney students, teaching them about Aboriginal culture, language, games and dances. Participants demonstrated their leadership abilities and pride in their culture, helping to provide students from Croydon Public School with a greater appreciation of the cultures of our First Peoples. 

The School is very proud of Mia and Cassidy as they represented themselves, the ACT-based Solids Brothas and Sistas Program, and the School with pride. They are outstanding and respectful young leaders who look forward to creating a brighter future for Indigenous youth.

Louise Dwyer
Indigenous Focus Group Leader

Photo: Cassidy Whitehouse (Year 10) and Mia Hodges (Year 12)

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