Library happenings – Developing Year 7 students’ research skills

Posted 31 March 2021 4:09pm

The Senior School Library has been working with Year 7 students during Tutor Group to develop their study skills. This term, there has been a focus on research skills using a variety of library resources including databases, books, audio-visual material and the internet.

Students have been introduced to the Senior School Library website, which is the portal to access all library resources. They have also been exploring academic integrity and referencing for assignments. There has been an emphasis on the value of using a variety of quality and reliable resources. The students have explored resources and referencing through class discussion, individual and group activities, and sharing their insights and new information with each another. An important part of study skills lessons is demonstrating the practical application of these skills to their learning in all subject areas.

The focus this term has been on finding and accessing resources.  Next term, students will explore what to do with these resources, including note taking and synthesis of knowledge. This program enables students to become familiar with the services the Senior School Library provides, as well as becoming familiar with the Teacher Librarians and how we can help them with their learning. 

Leigh Gregerson
Teacher Librarian – Senior School

Photo at top: Year 7 students Zahra El-Adhami, Maya George, Theresa Norton and Sidhe Tyagi working on a group referencing activity.