Junior School student smashes records in the pool

Posted 31 March 2021 4:08pm

The Junior School Swimming Carnival was held at Stromlo Leisure Centre earlier this month and it was a very successful day, with everyone having so much fun.

Prep to Year 2 students swam in the leisure pool and played in the splash park, enjoying the slide and having water dumped on them under the big bucket.

Meanwhile, students in Years 3 to 6 competed in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly in the 20m and 50m pools. It was a competitive day in the pool for all students. We also had a novelty race in the 20m pool.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved the title of Age Champions:

  • 7 years - Chloe Tan
  • 8 years - Jorja Campbell
  • 9 years (boys) - Menuga Kotikawatte Appuhamilage Don,
  • 9 years - Ilaria Pantano
  • 10 years - Georgia Robinson
  • 11 years - Katelyn Wall
  • 12 years - Annie Bush

Katelyn Wall broke two school records in the 100m Freestyle – 1:14.88 (old record – 1:15.22) and the 50m Backstroke – 39.38 (old record – 39.54). Overall, Katelyn won six events.

Chisholm took out the Junior Relay while the Senior Relay was a dead-heat with Gilmore and Chisholm winning.

House Champion was Gilmore with 461.50 points, 2nd Chisholm 410.5, 3rd Bates 378, and Mackellar 4th with 332 points.

The following students were selected to represent CGGS at the South Weston Carnival on Thursday, 25 March: 10 years - Madison Augur, Ivy Fagan, Alexandra Kordaris, Emilia Pantano, Georgia Robinson, Elsa Serafim and Aurora Talbot; 11 years, Leila Biddington, Genevieve Juttner-Melland, Ruth Leach Dowe, Sienna Papas, Amber Read, Katelyn Wall; and in 12 years - Annie Bush, Marley Cannell, Isabella Collins, Sarah Goswell, Lucy Kordaris, Cady Leonard-Hiew, Ava Polglase-Bulley.

Lucy Piva (Year 10) came and spoke to the girls before the carnival motivating them to do their best and answering any questions they had about the carnival. Thanks for coming down to the Junior School, Lucy!

The day was a huge success with the school team coming away from the carnival as the Champion School with the top point score for the day out of all the schools in the South Weston region. Congratulations to all these girls.

As a result of their performance at South Weston, these students will progress to the ACT Schools Swimming Championships in April: Annie Bush, Marley Cannell, Cady Leonard-Hiew, Ava Polglase-Bulley, Amber Read, Georgia Robinson and Katelyn Wall. We wish them all well!

Louise Burrows
Junior School PE Teacher

Photo at top: Chisholm students enjoying themselves at the Junior School Swimming Carnival, March 2021.

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