Introducing 2021 Senior Council and School Captain

Posted 20 November 2020 8:30am

Having spent almost 14 years as a student of Canberra Girls Grammar School, Isabella Wah is delighted to have been elected as the School Captain for 2021.

Isabella started as a three-year-old in the Early Learning Centre and can’t imagine life without CGGS.

 “I just wanted to give back to the school that has given me music opportunities, sporting opportunities, academic opportunities and just that strong and stable support network. Being part of the future of the School is really exciting,” Isabella said.

She is excited to work with Senior Council, and the broader School community, with her focus aimed squarely on developing the positive atmosphere of the School.

“As a leader, I want to inspire people to support one another and raise each other up, by focusing on positivity and sisterhood within the School.”

The eldest of three siblings, Isabella’s parents are her greatest source of inspiration.

“They’ve taught me to work hard to achieve my goals but also to remain centred and true to myself.

“That is what inspired me to do volunteer work, I started at St John’s Care which I’ve been doing for around two years now. Working with people of all ages and gaining a different perspective on life, as a ‘Grammar girl’ I’m privileged to be able to give back to those in and to help others.

“It has definitely shaped the person I am and the type of leader I want to be, serving with the people, not above the people.”

Isabella is sure to lead by example, supported by her friends who “challenge” her and provide her with “that strong sense of sisterhood and community”.

Reflecting on 2020, Isabella said it’s been a pivotal year in her education journey, but ever-the-optimist, she’s quick to point to the silver lining.

“It’s all been very challenging, just adapting to not seeing people, having to Facetime my friends. I missed the constant interaction with students and being able to ask teachers questions, which has been challenging not only for learning but the connection as well.

“But the challenges have helped me grow and adapt. (As Sports Vice-Captain) I had to work with the Faculty, thinking of new ways to get people involved, which has been obviously really hard, but it’s been amazing to see the resilience.”

Casting her mind back a bit further, Isabella talks about another key memory from her time at CGGS, one that seems to underpin her belief that being able to see something from a different perspective is one of the greatest skills we can have.

“In Year 7 I had a teacher called Miss Day and we were writing essays. I had come from the Junior School where I was so optimistic and confident, and just gaining a different perspective on my writing, and hearing her thoughts on how I could change and adapt…she really helped me reach my potential.

“You know when you open your eyes to other possibilities? I think it sums up my life at the School – different perspectives, different people, different backgrounds and we are all able to come together to form a collective vision.”

Which leads to Isabella’s advice to all students at CGGS: “Firstly, embrace the School and all the opportunities it has to offer. And listen. Listening to what people have to say and listening to other people’s perspectives gives you a greater understanding and can help you reach your potential, as it did for me.

“School is a time where you can try everything and see what your passions are. I never thought I would have tried Dragon Boating, but I love it.”

And finally, what’s something we don’t know about our 2021 School Captain?

“Well, my friends know that I love Dragon Boating, but most people don’t know that I used to be a rower…I kind of went to the dark side!”

Congratulations to Isabella and all members of the 2021 Senior Council on being chosen by their peers and the staff for senior student leadership responsibilities. These young women epitomise the aspirational view of life that so many of our students bring to the diversity of activities at Canberra Girls Grammar.