House spirit on show again at Cross Country and Fun Run

Posted 1 April 2021 1:50pm

The House banners and themed ribbons came out in full force once again for the school-wide Cross Country (Junior School) and Senior School Fun Run (Senior School).

“The 10th annual CGGS House Fun Run provides an opportunity for our whole community to come together,” Ms Jenny Hall, Head of HPE, said.

This Wednesday was a full day, with commentary by Ms Hall, enough sunscreen to swim in, and Zooper Doopers thoughtfully provided by the P&F Association. The frozen treats came in handy at Stromlo Forest Park, where the sun beat down on students like that was its job. “Hot. It’s very hot,” Emily McHugh, a Year 11, said.

Separated by House, students parked themselves underneath tents and wished that they had remembered their picnic blankets as they waited for their races to begin. Each of their houses had one thing in mind: participation.

Points are added up based on participation along with finishing times, so that while not everyone can be a fast runner, everyone can still give it a shot. “I’m loving seeing all the girls getting super involved and enthusiastic about their races, house spirit, their cheering…,” Sophie Martin, Year 11, said.

The House Captains were especially involved in the races, encouraging their girls and keeping them moving. “It was great to see everyone running and participating,” Maurishka Banan, a Glebe Vice Captain, said.

Throughout the day, the importance of staying hydrated was brought to light. All teachers recommended, “Drink lots of water. Fuel yourself well and recover well”.

Drink your water, folks.

Ally Voyles (Year 11)
Newspaper Captain

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