Giving to CGGS Scholarships

Posted 18 June 2021 2:54pm

Everyone has a right to experience and be uplifted by the transformative power of education.

Investing in the education of young women is one of the best investments that can be made – especially in an age when gender equity, inclusion and diversity are considered essential to a properly functioning society.  Our Scholarships and Bursaries program allows choices for young women who, due to cultural, financial, or geographical boundaries, may not have the privilege of a Girls Grammar education.

Please support us to ensure we remain the school of choice for the young women of Canberra and the regional and rural areas of NSW and beyond.

Your donation to the CGGS Scholarship program means that every dollar goes directly to opening up opportunities for CGGS students. 

Donate to Gabriel Foundation Scholarship Fund

Donations over $2 to the Fund are tax deductable.

Thank you