Getting ready to return to school

Posted 21 October 2021 4:37pm

Getting ready to return to school

For many of our students, the last 10 weeks at home have been a challenge and they simply cannot wait to run into those school gates and see their friends again. For others, who may have enjoyed the routine of remote learning, the struggle to get them out of their track pants and into their school uniform is real.

Even though your teenager may have remained connected with their friends in the online world, the reality is, those first tentative steps into the real world will feel strange and for many their first day back at school will feel like the ‘first day of the year’ all over again. Some will be feeling nervous about their ‘re-entry’ into this new COVID-present life. Others may feel worried about whether their friendship groups will still be the same. Whatever their concerns are, it is important that you talk about them with your daughter. To help support you with these conversations, the Counselling team have prepared some tips for parents to help students with their return to school. If you have any concerns about your daughter’s return to school, remember we are here to support you. Please get in touch with your daughter’s Head of House or a member of the Counselling team.


Ms Skye Tyler

Director (Students)