From the Principal - Beyond our imagination

Posted 19 June 2020 9:30am

Cycling around the Canberra region over the weekend made me realise how beautiful the winter colours are, particularly the sky. There is a special deep pink colour, mixed with a strong blue tone that appears to set in and sharpens the skyline. Embarrassingly, I was smiling like a child the entire bike ride; what a lovely time of year. Once you get yourself the correct clothing and learn to use the sun to heat your house, of course.

Over the next week, we will be finishing Semester 1, 2020 strongly. The students will step into a well-earned break and I encourage them to keep active and enjoy the great outdoors to help them re-energise.  Semester 2 will bring some hard work but also the newness of graduations, final experiences and triumphs. Additionally, the re-imagining of our strategic direction will be further shared with the community via a refreshed website. The road ahead is an exciting one.

When I was recently asked about the strategic direction of the School, in an interview with Her Canberra, I described Canberra Girls Grammar School in the context of the students’ experience. The new Strategic Design describes the same experience as a beachhead statement, but with a nuanced and individualised focus. Our community continually searches for new ways of learning, challenging ourselves to understand the world around us, be aware of new situations that currently are beyond our imagination and create the future we wish to see. To achieve this, we must encourage noticing, measuring, questioning, listening, and acting in a timely and responsible manner in all our teaching and learning.

We are delighted and excited by the next chapter for our School, the support of our community and the great energy, positivity and potential of the children and girls in our care. I wonder what lies beyond our imagination. Have a wonderful break if you are able to take some time off, and thank you for your patience, your encouragement and kind partnership during an extraordinary Semester 1.

Mrs Anna Owen