From the BoHo

Posted 31 March 2021 4:06pm

What an amazing start to Term 1 it has been in the Boarding House. With fresh new faces filling the BoHo, we have all had the privilege of meeting new students as well as new tutors.

The beginning of term is always a nerve-wracking time, however, this term has been filled with positive and inspiring quotes left on our beds from Ms Powell, yummy treat bags for Valentine’s Day, green coloured cake for St Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year celebrations and many other fun new events. The tutors have worked hard to make the BoHo the best place to be, enhancing the overall sense of community.

If there was a title for Term 1 in the Boarding House it would be ‘BoHo on tour’, as we have quite literally been on tour every weekend. Some of our finest touring events include a wild day at Big Splash, resulting in sunburnt faces and sugar highs from the ice cream. The surf trip to Broulee, whoo whee…let's just say we’ll stick to land sports! Lastly, of course, the famous Year group innings/outings when we get to go out or dinner as a year group, and yes there was Turkish food in our fridge for at least a week. Because of all these lovely events, each year group has become closer and more involved with each other's lives and overall the Boarding House. 

To end, we have special mention to our beautiful dogs Archie, Gigi, Pippa, Barney and Edna who have made the term so fun and we absolutely love having them around. Hooray, Term 1 is now done and dusted.  We are looking forward to having a break over the holiday and welcoming all the girls back to the Boarding House in Term Two.  Happy Easter everyone.

Amy Thrum and Georgina Wallace
Boarding House Co-Captains

Photo at top: Emma Nason (Year 12) celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the Boarding House.

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